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Found in the Pyramid of the sun, sculpture of Huehuetéotl

INAH archaeologists found at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at 66 meters high, the sculpture of Huehuetéotl, or old god of fire, the largest sculpture yet found in Teotihuacan, Mexico State, plus two full stelae greenstone and the fragment of another, that should decorate the temple in that building 1,500 years ago

The archaeologist Alejandro Sarabia, who along with his colleague Dr. Saburo Sugiyama of Aichi Provincial University (Japan), develops the project Pyramid of the Sun since 2005, said the pieces were found inside a pit "of 4 meters wide, 17 long and 5 meters deep", which probably dates from the late V or early VI of our era.

Sarabia and his team believe that the pit was excavated in ancient times to recover the main oblation of the building, in an act of desecration and distribute their content in other public buildings of the ancient city.

Over the time, the architectural pieces that were left in situ, fell into the hollowness and remained there for centuries. Recent explorations in the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, the first ones in this space, provided a unique opportunity to expose new elements of what this temple was.

Source: Canalmail noticias