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I am about to acquire a 2004-model pickup truck imported into Mexico under the definitive import regime, I would like to know what papers I should require from the seller in order for the truck to be legally authorized (i.e. “nationalized”).

The documents required from the owner are:

1. The vehicle’s definitive import permit or customs declaration known as a “pedimento” bearing the Key Code C2 if you are in the Border Zone and Key Code A1 for any other part of the county.

2. Hologram with the inscription “importacion definitiva” (definitive import)

3. Mexican license plates. The vehicle must be registered in the Official List of Vehicles of the State concerned.

4. The original invoice.

Likewise, we recommend you verify that the signatures found on the back of the invoice are correlative and that same are registered with the State Secretariat of Security.

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