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  • Provide advice on cases specific to your company, your investment or your property, and supplement the information published in YCC.
  • Disclose and explain the criteria/guidelines of different authorities.
  • Verify/affirm decisions taken with regard to the proper compliance with your tax and legal obligations.
  • Provide the phone number and/or email address of authorities as needed in order to be able to complete the answer(s) to your question/issue.
  • Address and resolve specific doubts about how to complete forms and contracts.
  • Offer general information on the legal remedies available to you.

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  • Conduct topic/issue-specific investigations, research or studies.
  • Comment on whether or not you should set up or bring in a/any legal remedy.
  • Execute any type of legal or tax calculations or planning.
  • Make advancements, or conduct promotional activities or negotiations with authorities.
  • Review work documents and/or working papers.
  • Give legal advice or act as a consultant in trials, or ensure which criteria/guidelines the courts will use in resolving a legal remedy as to a particular matter
  • Make decisions for you.

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