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Foreign Direct Investment Statistics in Yucatán

Recently, at the request of one of our clients, we requested from the Secretariat of Economy (Secretaría de Economía in Spanish), the Foreign Direct Investment Statistics in the State of Yucatán through June 2012. We found the information obtained to be very interesting, hence we would like to share with you the most relevant data of such Statistics, from our point of view:


COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (Amounts in millions of U.S. dollars)
United States
New Zealand



TYPE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY (Amounts in millions of U.S. dollars)
Manufacturing  Industry
Manufacture of Garments
-$0.4 (as compared with
Tailoring/Making of Clothing Apparel
Manufacturing Industry for Medical, Dental and Laboratory Material and Equipment
Metalwork and Jewelry
Wholesale trade of  Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Wholesale trade of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Transportation, Mail and Warehousing (Storage)
Real Estate Services and  Rental Services for Personalty (i.e. moveable personal property) and Intangibles (i.e. personal property that cannot actually be moved, touched or felt, but instead represents something of value)
Real Estate Services
Real Estate Companies and Real Estate Brokers
Lodging Accommodations and Rooming or Boarding  Houses, Furnished Apartments and Homes with Hotel Services


The total Foreign Direct Investment in the state of Yucatán through June of 2012 amounts to $4,900,000.00 USD (Legal Tender of the United States of America), as such, we are below the $9,400,000.00 USD invested during the same period for 2011.

In the event that you, dear reader, would like to see the complete table, please send us an email to info@yucatancompass.com and we will be more than happy to send it on to you.